Data Visualization from Hans Rosling

March 21, 2011

Today I was getting my fix from TED and ended up watching a recent talk by Hans Rosling on the magic washing machine. It was an excellent talk as are many by Hans, including an old favorite that I was reminded of while watching this one.

Back in 2009 Hans did another talk called Let my dataset change your mindset where he discussed public health and visualization techniques, two topics that I'm passionate about. Most of the visualizations in his talk are created with the Gapminder software which was acquired by Google back in 2007. Gapminder is excellent at showing how data changes over time.

Take a look at the talk and if you share my excitement with the visualization be happy to know that it lives on both at as well as part of Google's public data explorer. You can even leverage the visualization technique yourself by using Google's motion chart.  In addition as you get captivated by Hans you'll likely also enjoy this earlier talk where Hans shows the best statistics you have ever seen.

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